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Top 5 Teethers

My baby’s top choices:

When it came time to buy Daniel some teethers, I hit up Google. Google then hit me back with way too many options. So I went on YouTube to see what other moms were suggesting.

I got a whole bunch of ideas of what’s out there, but no idea of what my baby would actually want to chew on.

A handful of teethers and a few months later, I can narrow the number of his favourite teethers down to 5.

(We have more than five, let’s not kid ourselves, new mom going wild buying stuff for baby, you know how it goes…)

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Minimalist parents, here’s a list for you:

1. At the top of my list is The Baby Banana

Isn’t this thing adorable? It’s a one-piece construction silicone teether, which also doubles as a first toothbrush for when baby’s teeth come in. It’s smooth and soft to the touch, and it’s made in the USA. Daniel loves his Baby Banana the most!

If you end up buying it online, make sure you get the original an not a ‘Made in China’ dupe.

2. The Mam Mini Cooler Teether, which comes with a handy clip

I keep this one in the fridge for him, but he loves chewing on it whether on not it is cold.

Daniel learned how to unclip the clip not long after we gave it to him when he was around 4 months. He carefully chews on the clip whenever he gets his hands on it. Double win. It’s made in Thailand.

3. Next comes Sophie La Giraffe, the original

This teether is made out of natural rubber, and it is hand painted with food grade paint.

Although I didn’t love the look of Sophie, she quickly grew on me because Daniel loves chewing on her so much.

She squeaks, which also attracts our dog, so keep that in mind. Please note that you cannot sterilize nor submerge this teether underwater. That is what can lead to mould growth inside of her.

Read more about Sophie on her original site.

4. I love our Hevea Panda Teether!

It is a one-piece construction made out of natural, unpainted rubber. There are no holes or hollows where bacteria can get trapped.

I find the Hevea Panda teether so easy to clean, and baby loves it too!

I am planning on buying a set of bath toys from this brand in the near future.

5. The First Years Stack up Cups are another favourite

These fabulous cups also make the list of his favourite toys; find out what those are here. The cups are colourful, have smooth edges, and he loves chewing on them!

I hope your baby likes these teethers as much as mine does! Please let me know what you think about my top 5 choices by commenting below.

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Hoping you found something to chew on,

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