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Top 5 Baby Toys

My baby’s top 5 favourite toys:

Out of all the toys we have for our son, here are his favourite baby toys!

We used these baby toys from about 4 months up, but he started showing most interest in them around 7 months.

First Years Stack-up Cups by Tomy

These little things are awesome! We got them as a gift at our baby shower, and I knew that baby would like them, but I never foresaw that they would become one of his favourites. For Daniel, these stacking cups are the most fascinating toys for playing and teething.

They can also be used in the bath, or in the sand box.

The colours are bright and attractive, and the edges are smooth and very well finished. And they retail for, wait for it…CAD $4.00!

Hide N Squeak Eggs by Tomy

I got these for Daniel for Christmas, and he was about 7 months at the time. They were a HUGE hit, from the very beginning.

Just like the First Years Stack-up Cups from Tomy, the eggs and the box are brightly coloured and very well made. Their edges are nice and smooth, which is important because they get chewed on all the time.

The Hide N Squeak Eggs are another multipurpose toy. They Can be sorted by colour or shape, they have different facial expressions for determining emotions, and they squeak. Their sounds vary from egg to egg, but none are too loud or bothersome.

Babyplay Dangly Octopus Activity Toy by Mamas and Papas

The octopus is the first activity toy we bought Daniel, and he loved it from the very first moment we showed it to him at the store. He was about one month old when we got it.

He only started playing with it at around 4 months of age, up until then he mostly observed it. Now that Daniel is almost 9 months old, he still loves examining all of the colours and textures of this activity toy. It’s so well made, and so attractive to look at!

I put this toy though a cold/delicate wash, in a mesh bag, several times, and it held up beautifully.

The only thing, is that the squeaker in one of the legs really sucks up water and needs to be thoroughly squeezed out after every wash.

Rainbow Rings by Lamaze

Our Lamaze Rainbow Rings were another ‘new baby

gift’, and they are super duper cool!

Daniel LOVES these! He holds them, throws them, and eats the rings like donuts.

There is a bell inside the top of the post, and the rings are crinkly. Baby loves the subtle sounds of this toy. As do mommy and daddy!

The Rainbow Rings toy also looks pretty. It’s one of those few toys that is actually pleasant to look at.

Maracito by Halilit

A lovely, small, musical toy that doubles as a teether! Daniel was able to shake it on his own when we got it for him at 8 months of age. He teethes on the handle.

The edges are nicely finished and smooth, and the sound is nice. It’s a win, for this little, plastic maraca, and I actually bought more from this brand. They are made in Israel.

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If you get a chance to try out any of our top 5 toys, let us know how you like them by leaving a comment below!


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