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Starting Solids – Baby Food Essentials

Is your baby ready to start solids?

Congrats, this is a huge milestone!

But the question is… are you ready for baby food??

The thought of baby starting solids can be a little scary because everything is new. There is a lot to consider around baby food.

What? When? How? and How much?

I will be talking about how I make my own baby food, and what we’ve been feeding Daniel in later posts. This post will focus on the items that made this process easier for us.

This post contains affiliate links.

Here’s a minimalist guide to get you started feeding your baby solids: 
The things you need for feeding the baby:

a high chair

I nearly lost my mind looking at all of the different options available for high chairs. After a long debate, we finally decided to get a Stokke Tripp Trapp chair. I was nervous at first because the price tag is quite high, but I LOVE it to pieces!

Our Tripp Trapp became one of my favourite baby items, the moment we sat Daniel in it. The chair is beautiful, and it is made out of beech wood. It’s also made in Romania (both my husband and I were born there)!

The Tripp Trapp was ergonomically designed. The baby’s feet are always supported, they are not dangling down as in many other high chairs. You can adjust the footrest as needed, as those little legs grow longer.

This high chair has a small footprint, and it can be pulled up close to the table so baby can eat with us. It will also grow with our baby! We won’t be needing to buy a separate booster seat later.

When we’re all done with it, we can convert it into an adult chair. How cool is that?

We got ours from Bed Bath and Beyond, they had the best price for the complete bundle. They also have a great return policy, and that’s always an important consideration for us when buying pricey items.

Read all about the Stokke Tripp Trapp here.

a silicone bib

Why silicone?

It doesn’t harbour bacteria. It’s also malleable and comfortable for baby, unlike the hard plastic ones. Silicone bibs are also extremely easy to clean.

We have the Modern Twist Bib, and it is the only bib I want to use during my baby’s meal times. It is soft and comfortable for Daniel to wear and it’s super easy to wipe and clean. I highly recommend this bib to everybody. We got it as a gift at our baby shower, and after using it and loving it daily, I think it makes a perfect shower gift! 😉

Since silicone bibs are softer than their hard plastic counterparts, any liquids or foods that collect in the bottom pocket can leak out. I wipe Daniel’s bib often while he wears it, never letting stuff sit in there. That way, both the baby and chair always stay clean!

a spoon

There are a million baby spoons out there, but I chose the Beaba First Stages Silicone Spoon. It has very high reviews all over the internet, which is why I decided to go buy it.

It’s comfortable to hold, even though at first I thought that the handle might feel too thick in my hand. This spoon is soft on my baby’s gums.

Sometimes while eating, Daniel steals it from me, to chew on! Poor baby is teething again! I love the Beaba spoon in every way.

I must mention, that like every other spoon, getting stained from fruits and vegetables is to be expected.

a bowl

I don’t use a special baby bowl. Since  I’m still spoon feeding my baby, I can still use one of my regular bowls. When he will start self-feeding later, I will give him a baby-friendly bowl.

Daniel actually got the EZPZ Happy Mat for Christmas, and I can’t wait for him to use it! The EZPZ is a silicone mat with an integrated bowl that is separated into three sections.

a sippy cup

Along with food, I also introduced water to my baby. I boil it first, let it cool, and then we I serve it to baby in a sippy cup so he can drink sip 2 drops and then play with it. Now that my baby is older, he can have bottled water.

After much debate over which sippy cup to choose, I went with the Nuby Wide Neck 3 Stage Bottle. It comes with two kinds of nipples as well as a lid, and I really like it.

Daniel loves playing with it because he’s not very interested in water, but he enjoys holding this cup and trying to teethe on it.

The cup leaks when it takes this kind of abuse, which is to be expected. Nothing that my handy washcloth can’t handle!

You’re supposed to be able to remove the handles, but to date, I have not been able to figure out how…

a washcloth

I always keep a wet washcloth handy at every meal. That way I can quickly clean up when I’m feeding Daniel.

What you Need to make the food:

If you want to make your own baby food, you have 2 options.

You can either get:

an all in one baby food processor

or use

a steamer and a blender separately

We tried both, and believe it or not, I prefer the more old-school option.

After doing extensive research, finding rave reviews, and getting it recommended by family friends, I got the Beaba Babycook Pro.

At first, I was in love with this little machine, and I’m really glad that I tried it because it gave me confidence in making baby food for the first time ever. I steamed fruits and veggies and blended them in it. However, after only 2 months of use, the machine started breaking down. I contacted Beaba, and they sent us a new one, but  I have not even been tempted to open the box.

In the meantime, we started using a simple stainless steel steamer insert from IKEA, and blending the food in our trusty Ninja Blender. This way, we can make much larger portions, like more than 3 times the amount I could make with the Beaba, in one go.

Using the Beaba is much faster, but note that the food is steamed in a plastic bowl. I much prefer steaming our fruits and veggies in stainless steel instead.

Food for thought.

What you need to store the baby food:
glass containers with lids

I make all my food fresh, and keep it in the fridge. I don’t make large batches to freeze. If you would like to do that, you might need some additional items, like ice-cube trays and such.

I store all of my purees in Riviera cups. Riviera is a yoghurt brand that packages its yoghurts in glass containers. We buy ours from Farmboy. For about $5, you can get a pack of four. Just consume the yoghurt, and recycle the nice glass containers. You can purchase lids separately, for $1.29 for a four-pack.

They are easy to clean, unlike the Glass-lock containers… whose lids I always find a pain to wash… even though we love and use them all the time.

I feed my baby straight from my Riviera cups.

All you have to do is take it out of the fridge, heat it up, give it a stir (and taste to check the heat), and then feed that hungry infant.


I really hope that you found this post useful. I have much more to come on this topic, so check back soon!


Here’s to making mealtime easy, clean, and comfortable,

Happy Mama


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