It took a lot of time and work!

The Issues I had…

During pregnancy, I was plagued with pain in my lower back, hips, and sciatica. I later learned that I had a condition called SPD, which stands for symphysis pubis dysfunction, and it’s basically an overstretching of the central pelvic ligament. The muscles around the pelvis tend to seize up, very painfully, making it extremely difficult and painful to walk and move. Simply lifting my legs off the ground was a feat. It got much, much worse after giving birth, so needed help with my postpartum recovery!

After a 32 hour labour, and 2 epidurals later, I woke up completely unable to lift my legs, or bring them closer together. My pelvic separation grew much wider while giving birth, and my muscles refused to cooperate. I couldn’t even get out of bed, let alone walk a single step.

It was honestly the scariest thing that ever happened to me!

It took me 2 months to be able to walk again. I was lucky to have full family support during this time because I couldn’t move to get my baby, or wash him, or do anything really. I had to be wheeled around the house in a wheelchair, while I began using a walker to start building myself up to walking again. A lot of pain, tears, a bunch of narcotics, physio and exercise later, I made it out of this dreadful situation.

Due to the immobility, I also had a very weak core, and diastasis recti, an ab separation, that I couldn’t heal until I literally got back on my feet. As soon as I could, I found myself a physiotherapist who specializes in pelvic issues. I also found an online exercise program meant for postpartum recovery, because I couldn’t go anywhere. My physiotherapist was pleased when I told her about it, saying that she actually recommends it to all her mom patients!

An Online Exercise System for Moms

While looking into “how to put myself back together” after giving birth, I found a couple of blog posts written by moms who, just like me, wanted to recover after having their babies. They recommended the MuTu System, which facilitated their postpartum recovery, as well as helped them get in shape.

I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, so I bought it and began the program. It was very difficult at first because it took me about 5 minutes just to change positions for each exercise. Luckily, I could pause it, and continue when I was ready.

Because of my situation, I only really did the first part of the program, the core strengthening bit, because I was clearly not able to do more.

What is this program?

The MuTu System is an online exercise and postpartum recovery program that was designed to get rid of the “mummy tummy”. Why am I talking about it? Because it really works!

I’m not huge on exercise. I love walking and swimming, but I don’t do any sports. Aside from some stretches, a bit of yoga, and a couple of pilates exercises at home, I don’t do much else.

I Believe in MuTu

I became a MuTu System affiliate because I believe in their product. (If you purchase the program through one of my links, I will make a small commission.)

Just doing the core training program has helped me achieve amazing results. I was able to rebuild my core enough to recover from my SPD and to be able to walk normally again. I was also able to heal my ab separation. It’s almost perfectly closed now!

Not to mention, I was able to strengthen my pelvic floor and to even get a flatter belly!  I’m not where I want to be, but I’m slowly getting there.

The best part is that the core training video is just under 12 minutes long. That’s something I can commit to.

Here’s what else I’m doing to get fit after having a baby.

What I learned from The MuTu System:

It’s a full body work-out.

It goes without saying that exercise goes hand in hand with diet. The program includes information about eating a healthy diet, complete shopping list ideas and with healthy alternatives to ‘naughty’ snacks. Luckily, I was already working on a clean diet.

MuTu also focuses on the huge importance of proper body alignment. Starting with the proper footwear, to how to hold your ribs, and how to relax your shoulders. I  feel that my body has never been better aligned than it is right now.

I have learned to hold myself accountable for my posture and check in throughout the day to make sure I’m doing it right.

The Work-outs – What I could and not do

While the first two weeks of the program focus on strengthening the core, the following 10 weeks also include an intensive fat-burning workout. And holy smokes, it’s intense!

I attempted the intensive work-out at a couple of months postpartum, and it was too much for me. My pelvis was not quite back together, I was still in pain, so my body was not ready.

The second attempt was about a week ago, and I still have some weak muscles at nearly a year postpartum. I still feel pain in my pelvic ligament when doing lunges. Some movements are still too difficult for me, but I’m working on it.

I can’t do the full intensive work-out yet. My plan is to start doing just a few minutes of it every day, in addition to my core work-out. For now, I will begin with just the warm-up, which is a workout in itself, and then work my way up.

I am convinced that by the time I will be able to complete the whole intensive work-out, I will actually be fit. And hopefully, my postpartum recovery will be officially complete.

I did it at my own pace

The neat thing about this program is that you purchase it once, and you have a lifetime membership. Personally, I wouldn’t have bought it if that wasn’t the case. I needed something that I could use at my own pace while getting my money’s worth.

I highly recommend this program to other moms out there!

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If you give the MuTu System a try, let us know how you like it! Or, have you used another exercise program that has helped you? Let us know what it is, we’re always ready to learn more!


Best of luck with your postpartum recovery,

Happy Mama