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Make Time For Art When You’re Crazy Busy

This mama has been dying to paint, but had been doing everything else instead.

I haven’t painted in a few years, but my heart has been yearning for it the whole time.

For a while the pain of a chronic illness robbed be of my inspiration, then a difficult pregnancy removed any energy I had left. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t paint.

Now that my baby is one, I’m ready to paint again! But… WHEN? And HOW?

It’s really frustrating when you have:

  • the inspiration
  • the supplies
  • the ideas

… but you don’t have the time to yourself to make it happen.

And it’s that much worse if you have wall space that you want to dress up, and have been waiting for what seems like ever, to do it.

Welcome to the artist mom life.

So what do you do?

Whatever it takes, you have to make time for art!

When the need to create is strong, you must find a way to let it out, or else risk creating energy blockages that will affect everything you do.

It’s a real thing, and I can admit that I’ve been feeling the consequences of repressing my creative energy.

We know that art is therapeutic. Let’s take advantage, and allow ourselves to create and to heal.

I decided to dive in, and no longer resist the urge to paint. I told myself that I would do it no matter what.

Here’s how I make time for art:
  1. Set up a space with all supplies ready (obviously out of reach of children and pets). Only pour out a bit of paint at a time, to not waste too much when you suddenly have to drop everything and go.
  2. Every moment counts, so having everything ready before, means you can dive right in when the opportunity comes. If you are a parent, take advantage of nap time and bed time.
  3. Let go of any guilt associated with things you “should be doing instead”. You can fold laundry later.
  4. Enjoy the time you have to make art. It’s SHORT, so don’t waste it. Put on some good music, and allow yourself to feel “free” again. Remember what painting felt like to before _____________ came into your world.
  5. Accept that the process will be drawn out and broken down into many small sessions. That’s ok!

I have been following these steps, and I have gotten to paint for a few minutes here and there, and I feel so good about it. I only now realize how badly I REALLY needed to paint!

Because I’m going so slowly, I have been tracking my progress, and it’s so cool to see the transformations taking place.

Before, I painted really fast. It would only take me a few hours, and I’d be done a painting. Now, it’s a whole different story, because it’s taking weeks and weeks to finish one single work.

But the process is even more beautiful now, because I make the best of each stroke of my brush. I have to be more calculated, and I also have a lot more time to reflect  on my ‘next move’ between sessions.

I will post my finished painting when it’ll be ready, but in the mean time here are a few snapshots of my progress:

I’m also excited to be able to add some new works on my artist website soon, because it has been sitting untouched for far too long.


Happy art-making,

Happy Mama


PS. I’m using acrylics for this painting, in case you were wondering. 🙂


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