This book taught us all about tidying up, and it was life-changing!

This article is the first in my life-changing books series.

I’m one of those people who needs to have a clean and tidy environment, very slightly on the verge of being OCD. When my husband and I lived in our first apartment, a one bedroom, the place always looked over-crowded.

I felt like we didn’t have enough breathing room. It also seemed like we were constantly cleaning and the ‘putting things away’ phase was never-ending. Then I wondered to myself if there was something we could do to make our place feel better. How can we become more efficient at cleaning up?

I didn’t know what I needed, or what could help us, but the answer came unexpectedly the next day, at Costco, of all places!

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As I walked down the book aisle, a small book caught my eye. It had a light blue hardcover, and it sat on a stack of something by Stephen King.

When I picked it up, I felt a bit of a supernatural breeze as I read the title, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. I had a feeling right then and there that this will be one of those life-changing books!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, because it was the answer to the question that had been pressing me just the day before.

I leafed through the book, and read a couple of lines to make sure that the writing style agreed with me. I decided very quickly to make it my own. As I held the precious find to my chest, I walked around the rest of the aisle of books, and I couldn’t find any more copies of the book anywhere. It was the last copy, and it was all mine!

My husband and I read it all in the course of that fated weekend. It’s so light and fun to read!

We were so inspired and ready for ‘the life-changing magic of tidying up’.

Looking at all of our “stuff”, we quickly realized that the majority of it was not sparking joy in our lives. Since the Kon-Mari motto is to only keep what sparks joy, we began carefully purging our apartment.

I kid you not, we donated 10 garbage bags worth of clothes and shoes! We were storing so much stuff that we weren’t even wearing anymore.

We sold a lot of excess furniture, as well as other small and useless gadgets on Kijiji. We even made a few bucks.

Then, we shredded and recycled dusty boxes and old, meaningless paperwork. Why on earth were we even hoarding that?

By the end, throwing things out (or donating) felt so good, it was as if each item that we let go of brought us more and more relief.

A week later we were done, and the apartment immediately felt lighter, and fresher. There was suddenly room to breathe! Not to mention, it was so easy to clean when there were fewer things. NO MORE CLUTTER! It was a wild and beautiful transformation.

Not only did our space get renewed, but so did we. Suddenly we both felt more energetic, we had more space to do what we wanted. For whatever reason, we also felt so much more inspired to get things done.

Ahh, the life-changing power of a tidy and organized space!

If you haven’t read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, do yourself a favour. It’s an investment in your home space and in your mind space.

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Your friend in organizing and decluttering,

Happy Mama

PS. It’s also worth mentioning that once we felt that exhilaration in clearing out our home, we became very conscientious and careful about everything we brought into our home afterwards. This means that we spend a lot less money, and that makes us very happy.