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Dear reader,

I would like to welcome you from wherever you are, to Happy Mama, my little cabin on the internet. Just the other day I read a post for new bloggers, and the author suggested that starting a blog now, is like building a small cabin in the middle of the vast wilderness. Should anyone come across you and stop for a visit, it’s by some extreme lucky chance.

Thank you for giving me that chance.

I created Happy Mama for 2 main reasons.


I love to write, and I have been denying myself this mode of expression for years. I’ve been deluding myself in thinking that I can become a writer… but without writing much. There goes that dream, right?

I mentioned in passing that I wanted to be a writer in one of my grade 7 classes. A couple of students got excited. They asked me when I was going to start.

So, after thinking about writing for a while, I finally decided to actually write.


I love teaching.

I read a lot, I experience a lot, and I have accumulated too many ideas inside my head. For my own good, I need to share my thoughts, ideas, and my stories. And you are most welcome to listen in at Happy Mama.

Take an invisible seat on our couch, it’s a La-Z-Boy so it’s comfortable, let me tell you. Have a coffee, and watch us grow.

I am constantly in search of wonderful. I want to learn more, do more, and grow. I’m interested in writing about people, and experiences that add something special to our lives. I want to be propelled into further happiness and a constant sense of accomplishment.

Why should you sit on our couch, coffee in hand, you ask?

I want to share with you all the things that I learned, and that I’m learning as I go. And maybe, just maybe, you might walk away with a bit of information that can help you in your life.

What should you expect?

I’m new at this sharing business. I’ve been a very private person, so bear with me as I take this enormous step of welcoming you, dear reader (from wherever you are) into my home, and into my mind. Be assured though, that I will be giving it my very best. That’s how I do everything.

Happy Mama will include articles and stories about baby, my birth experience (if you know anything about it, you’re probably thinking “oh boy!”), health, natural living, spirituality, how to make things, how to save money, and whatever else may cross my mind. Check out my latest articles here.

If you want to make this journey with me, sign up for my newsletter. I promise I will not spam you… because even if I wanted to, my time is very limited and I don’t have the time to do that. The baby demands all of my time, go figure. I will however, occasionally send you updates and other goodies.

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It means a lot to me that you took the time to read my article all the way through to the end.


I wish you the very best, and I hope that you will be coming back to visit me very soon.



Happy Mama