What would you like me to pick up?

Hedgehogs please! Purdys please!

I remember the day I first met Purdys Hedgehogs, and I fell in love. They were a gift from a student, bless her heart.

They came in a triangular box, wrapped in beautiful red wrapping paper. I didn’t recognize the iconic triangular box, and I hadn’t heard of “Purdys” before.

I have since learned that Purdys is a Canadian chocolatier. The company was founded in 1907, in Vancouver. They use 100% sustainable cocoa in everything they make. Find out more about Purdys here.

I had to further investigate the golden triangle gate to chocolates, so I turned the box over to see what was in it. The list of ingredients was… much better than I expected!


Here’s what’s in these little puppies: “milk chocolate (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, milk ingredients, soya lecithin, vanilla, vanillin), hazelnuts. May contain peanuts, eggs and other tree nuts.”

My choice to eat or leave something always starts and ends with the list of ingredients. I’ve got to say that this list of ingredients beats those of many other chocolates or sweets. It’s pretty clean, in comparison to many.

If you read the above list and wondered what soya lecithin is, here’s an interesting article by Dr. Axe which explains it.

A treat like none other

I eat extremely very healthy, and only occasionally partake in delicious foods containing sugar and additives.

Having said that, sometimes the cravings become strong in this mama! Every once in a while I feel the need for a little treat. When I wonder to myself what I should have, my taste buds lead the way to Purdys Hedgehogs!

I mean, just look at these guys, don’t they even look delicious??

I love the Hedgehog Minis, because they are the perfect bite size. I can have one or two to satisfy my craving… and save the rest for later. They are the perfect substitute for cake, which I can’t have because of food intolerances.

Hedgehogs are so delicious! I’m very picky when it comes to chocolate, and I can’t tolerate just anything. Other brands are always too sweet, and/or contain insulting ingredients. The Hedgehogs, on the other hand, are smoooooth, and rich, but not too rich! Don’t worry, I’m not trying to sell you anything; I am not affiliated with Purdys in any way.

I’m just dreaming of chocolate, my friends.

As the title suggests, I’m hoping that my husband will be inspired by my post to stop by Purdys, and bring some Hedgehogs my way.

I’ve had some long days with my busy baby, who just turned nine months. He is now crawling everywhere, standing, pulling and grabbing at everything. Watch the pounds melt right off running around after this little rocket! I mean, I can have all the chocolate I want… right?

And the days when his naps are less than half an hour long? I dream of chocolate the most on those days.

There’s nothing better than seeing the glistening gold of that triangular box in your husband’s hand when he comes home. (It is the temporary home of my beloved Purdys Hedgehogs!) He insists that he can’t read my mind, but on days like that, I wonder if he actually can…

Or maybe he just read my post…

You can take the baby, I’ll take the hedgehogs…

I lied, I will take both. I need all the sweeties I can get today!


Here’s to a well-deserved chocolate break,

Happy Mama

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