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DIY Diaper Changing Caddy

A DIY diaper changing caddy for  $4?

Yes, please!

As a new mom, I love the idea of having a portable diaper changing caddy / station that I can bring with me throughout the house. I also wanted something that I can easily tuck away when not in use.

Why buy a diaper changing caddy, when you can DIY-it for  $4?

Maybe it’s not as ‘pretty’ as some that you can buy for $20 or more, but it still looks decent, and it keeps the diapering paraphernalia tidy and in one place. 

Here’s how I made it:
  • I bought a black basket from Dollarama for $2.50.
    It’s made with a wipe-able fabric, which is nice. I also picked this one because it isn’t rigid. If I need to stuff more things into it, I can.

  • I bought a Sunnersta container from IKEA for $0.99.
    The nice thing about this container is the built-in clip it has on its top, upper edge. The clip makes it easy to attach to a variety of baskets or other edges. You can find it in the kitchen organization section.

  • I clipped the Sunnersta on one end of my basket, by simply sliding in on.

  • DONE! Then, of course, I added all the good things I needed for my baby.

What do I keep in my diaper changing caddy?
  • Changing mat – I love my Skip Hop Grab & Go Pronto Changing Station changing mat!
  • Diapers
  • Diaper rash creams
  • A teether (find out what our top 5 teethers are here)
  • A toy for entertaining the squirmer during changes
  • Vaseline, only if Daniel has any dry skin patches
  • I used to also keep some wipes in there for emergencies, but I haven’t needed them in a while
Later on…

When I won’t be needing my diaper changing caddy anymore, I will use both the basket and the Sunnersta container separately for storage purposes. The basket will probably end up being used for toy storage. And, I can already picture the Sunnersta in our office supply drawer…

Look at how inexpensive, versatile, and multi-purpose this DIY can be!

It is ideas, finds, and successful experiments like this one that make me a Happy Mama!

Let me know if you have any questions about my DIY diaper changing caddy in the comment section below.


Here’s to inexpensive, nice, and multi-purpose things,

Happy Mama


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  1. Ivana Devonshire

    Thank you, I’ve been searching for inexpensive diaper caddy ideas for a while and yours is the best I’ve found so far!

    • Happy Mama

      I’m happy that you found this useful, Ivana. Thank you for leaving a comment.

    • Happy Mama

      Thank you Ivana, I’m happy you found my idea useful. 🙂

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