Spiritual and mental health is always important, and even more so in pregnancy!

There is a ton of research-based evidence that shows the connection between the body and the mind. Because of this, I would like to remind pregnant women to take time and work on balancing their spiritual and mental health during their pregnancy.

Make the time right now. This is for you, for your baby, and for your family!

Here are my tips on balancing spiritual and mental health during pregnancy:
Talk about your feelings and emotions:

You definitely have many of them, and if anything is weighing you down or you have fears, talk to someone. No one will judge you. You are undergoing the biggest change you could possibly go through in your life.

Becoming a new mom is a lot to take in. Everything is new to you, and let’s face it, the unknown is very scary. And there is so much that is unknown.

But don’t be afraid, because you are on the most beautiful and life-changing journey of all, and your partner, mom, friends are all there to support you. Happy Mama is here for you too, if you ever need me. 🙂


Take a quiet moment to breathe and clear your mind.

Listen to guided meditations if you find them more helpful. There are many available on Youtube, including meditations that are specifically designed for pregnant women.

Read a lot:

Inform yourself about everything you want to know, and especially about the things that make you nervous. There is so much to learn about pregnancy, delivery, motherhood and babies. Luckily, the internet can now provide us with an answer for pretty much everything.

Knowing as much as you can will put you at ease. Obviously, don’t go reading all the horror stories out there, but do read stories. Women have been birthing for centuries, and a lot of that knowledge has been recorded. Whether or not we choose to read it is another story.

You can find a list of books about birth and babies that I enjoyed reading, in this post.

Keep informed on your baby’s development. I loved watching these videos from Consumer Health Digest! I watched them with my husband to see how our baby grew and developed every week.

Do something for you:

Take a break from all things baby (as if you can think about anything else!) and do something for yourself, something that you like. Maybe read a novel, visit a museum, sleep, or get your hair done.

Make time for love:

Go on as many dates as possible, whenever the mood strikes! You will miss these “before days” later.

Unless your OB advises against it, make a lot of love. Even if you do wake up the baby, she won’t be cramping your style… unless of course, you’re about to go into labour!

Positive vibes:

The mom-baby bond is undeniable, but strengthen it by staying positive, and sending him good thoughts. This will have an impact on both of you.

When there’s no one around and you won’t look like a crazy person, talk to your baby. Your baby loves the sound of your voice, so why not tell her what you are doing and how you  feel about her. Maybe talk about all the wonderful things you two will be doing in the future.

Take care of your body and your mind, because you need your spiritual and mental health to be balanced for baby’s health too!

Keep the stress low, and the love high and you will achieve wonderful things.

You will do great New Mama,

Happy Mama