Tips I wish someone had told me about maternity clothes:

In my opinion, the first 2 kinds of maternity clothes to get, are a nursing bra, and a couple of maternity bottoms. Regular shirts will probably still fit for the first few months; however, your belly will begin to bloat early on, and regular pants will just not do.

You can extend the waistline of your favourite pants by tying a hair elastic through the button hole, but I found this hack very uncomfortable. I just couldn’t walk around feeling that my pants were undone.

When should I get maternity pants?

Get maternity pants as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable in your regular pants. There’s no reason to wait for ‘the right time’. I got my first pairs of maternity pants at about 7 weeks, but I had already been quite uncomfortable in my regular pants before that. I still remember sliding those new bad boys on  for the first time, and it felt like heaven.

If you’re still too small for maternity pants, get some yoga pants with a wider band at the top. Avoid any designs that have tight, inelastic stitching across the belly, because those will not expand enough. You will also love those postpartum.

I found a very affordable pair, like these at Old Navy, which retails for CAD $24.99 before tax.

Do any brands fit the same?

This won’t come as a surprise, but no, they don’t. My advice is to shop around, and try things on for shape and size. All brands and styles fit differently.

For example, my favourite pants were from Motherhood Maternity. The only tops that fit were from H&M (certain locations carry the MAMA line), because they carry really small sizes. At the same time, I had a couple of great yoga pants from Thyme Maternity.

You will just have to shop around a bit and see what you like.

How can I save money?

If you have time, wait for a deal before buying. Maternity clothes are overpriced, and unless you are stuck, I advise against paying full price. If you find a brand/style you want, do a little price research online to get the best deal, before buying.

A great way to save is to get them second hand. Be aware however, that since a maternity wardrobe is pretty limited, we tend to wear the heck out of these clothes.

I bought all of mine new because I knew I would want to wear them all again during a future pregnancy. Since I had a really hard time finding maternity clothes that fit me, I also wanted to be able to return them. I did get most things on sale though. 🙂

I personally didn’t bother buying a bellyband, I just wore my stretchy tank tops under my maternity tops. I don’t like the idea of having something that might need constant adjustment during the day. Mind you, there are women out there who swear by these things.

Nursing clothes?

Now and after! If you can, try to buy maternity tops and dresses that you will also be able to nurse in later. You will need them anyway, so spend the money only once!

Make sure that these are very stretchy however, because you cannot foresee the shape and size of your postpartum body. Also note that you will be wearing maternity pants for many months postpartum as well. Sad. I know.

I only bought nursing nightgowns like this one postpartum, to make sure that they fit properly, and that they provided support.

During my pregnancy I just wore very stretchy nightdresses that I bought for under $15 at La Vie en Rose. They worked very well, and looked super cute too.

These are all tips that I wish I had known at the beginning of my pregnancy, and I hope that you found some good ideas to help you on your journey!

Have some other tips that you would like to share? Help us out, and leave a comment down below!


To growing bodies and bellies,

Happy Mama