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The Beginning of a Spiritual Journey

Happy Mama and the beginning of her spiritual journey…

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How to Make A Simple and Delicious, Coconut Paleo Cake

Good ingredients, and so delicious!

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Coconut Paleo Cookies

Quick, and easy, with just a few ingredients.

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Make Time For Art When You’re Crazy Busy

…because we all should.

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How I Got My Strength Back After Giving Birth

I found an exercise program that helped me heal after giving birth.

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We love our amber teething necklace!

…because it works!

COUPON inside 🙂

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Get Fit After Having a Baby

My mind-body plan.

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Caramelized Pecans

A delicious and healthy sweet!

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The Best Baby Cereal

… is a healthy, clean, baby cereal.

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In Search of Wonderful

Why I’m writing, and why you might want to read it 🙂

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